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Doctorate Degree in Chemistry
Coordinator: Prof. Emanuela LICANDRO

Doctorate Degree in Industrial Chemistry
Coordinator: Prof. Dominique Marie ROBERTO

The aim of the PhD courses in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry is to provide the students with the necessary expertise to carry out scientifically sound and up-to-date chemical research in every field of Chemistry, spanning from fundamental research, as carried out in Academia, to applied research typical of the chemical industry. The PhD course in Industrial Chemistry aims at the creation of an expert able to understand, tackle, and solve all the problems related to the application of basic chemical knowledge to the production of fine and bulk chemicals at the industrial level, including the design of chemical plants, and their optimization and operation.

The duration of the Doctorate Courses is three years. In order to complete the PhD program, a student must collect 180 credits as follow: 135 CFU derived from experimental activities in a research laboratory and the writing of the final elaborate, while 45 CFU were assigned during the three years through different educational activities established by the teaching board.

All of these activities are organized in English and aim at increasing and integrating the interdisciplinary preparation of the PhD students beyond specific research projects.

In particular, the activities include:

  • Participation to advanced courses expressly organized for PhD students, with final evaluation, on relevant topics. These courses are taught by professors of the Chemistry Department as well as foreign visiting professors;
  • Research reports on the experimental activities, at the end of each year;
  • Literature seminars discussion supervised by the teaching board;
  • Scientific writing workshop.

The previous Doctorate School in Science and Chemical Technologies, directed by Prof. Silvia ARDIZZONE, remains active for XXVII and XXVIII cycles, in 2014 the School has been replaced by the two Doctorate Courses in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.


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