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PhD Students In Industrial Chemistry  

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PHD STUDENT Tutor/Cotutor Area                             Project
Lucia CARUSOMaurizio Benaglia/Sergio RossiOrganic ChemistryLinea: Development of new catalytic methods for the synthesis of active principles, intermediates and products of fine chemistry
Giulia DE SORICELLISAlessia Colombo/Claudia DragonettiInorganic ChemistryLinea: New molecules, sensors and inorganic-organic hybrid materials with nonlinear optical, magnetic and/or photoluminescent properties
Melissa Greta GALLONIAntonella Gervasini/Anne Giroir-Fendler (Tesi in Co-tutela con l’Università di Lyon, France)Physical ChemistryLinea: Environmental control and sustainable processes
Enrico GANDINIStefano Pieraccini/Daniele PassarellaPhysical ChemistryLinea: Computational and spectroscopic studies of molecules of industrial interest
Matteo GIANNANGELIAlessandro Caselli/Alessandro PodestàInorganic ChemistryLinea: Nanotechnologies, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites
Stephanie TERRUZZIValentina Colombo/Angelo A. D. SironiInorganic ChemistryLinea: Study of surface site reactivity and gas-matrix interactions in heterogeneous catalysts and sensors by in situ single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction




PHD STUDENT Tutor (Cotutor) Area                             Project
Eleonora COLOMBOProf. Pier Fausto SENECIOrganic ChemistrySynthesis of self-assembling conjugates for treatment of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
(Linea: Sintesi di intermedi e di prodotti di interesse farmaceutico)
Michele FERRIProf. Antonella GERVASINIPhysical ChemistryHydroxyapatite-based materials for environmental applications.
(Linea: Environmental Control and Sustainable Processes)
(Dr. Giorgio COLOMBO)
Organic ChemistryComputational Studies of Protein-Protein Interactions: Implications for Molecular Design.
(Linea: Studi computazionali e spettroscopici di molecole d'interesse industriale)
Valentina PELLICCIOLIDr. Silvia CAUTERUCCIOOrganic ChemistryHeterohelicenes as appealing chiral systems: development of methodologies for asymmetric syntheses.
Linea: New molecules, sensors and inorganic-organic hybrid materials with nonlinear optical, magnetic and/or photoluminescent properties.)
Margherita PIROLAProf. Maurizio BENAGLIAOrganic ChemistryNew organocatalytic stereoselective photoredox reactions in batch and flow mode.
(Linea: Nuove metodologie sintetiche e processi chimici innovativi a basso impatto ambientale)
Andrea PREVITALIProf. Elena CARIATIInorganic ChemistryNew organic and hybrid organic/inorganic materials with intriguing solid state optoelectronic properties.
(Linea: Nuove molecole, sensori e materiali ibridi inorganici-organici con proprietà ottiche non lineari, magnetiche e/o fotoluminescenti)
Hady HAMZADr. Daniela MAGGIONIInorganic ChemistrySynthesis and characterization of multimodal nanoparticles for theranostic and catalysis.
(Linea: Nanotecnologie, materiali nanostrutturati e nanocompositi)




PhD StudentTutor (Cotutor) Area                             Project
Kalliopi AVRAMIDOUProf.ssa Giovanna SPERANZA (Dott.ssa Nicoletta RAVASIO)Organic ChemistryThe valorization of waste and byproducts of agri-food industry (Linea 16).
Andrea JOUVEProf.ssa Laura PRATIInorganic ChemistryTailor-made supported metal NPs for the selective conversion of sustainable platform molecules into added-value products (Linea 17).
Federica LAZZARIProf.ssa Elisabetta RANUCCIOrganic ChemistryAmino acid-deriving chiral polyamidoamines for biotechnological applications (Linea 10).
Lorenzo MIGLIORINIProf.ssa Sandra RONDININIPhysical ChemistryDevelopment, characterization and 3D-printing of soft, biodegradable and nanostructured electromechanical actuators (Linea 15).
Francesco OLIVADott. Stefano PIERACCINIPhysical ChemistryComputational Analysis of Aspergillomarasmine Inhibition of Metallo β Lactamases (Linea 8).
Eleonora PARGOLETTIProf. Giuseppe CAPPELLETTIPhysical ChemistryFrom nanoparticles to sensor devices. The big scenario of highly toxic VOCs traces detection (Linea 13).

        PhD Student REPRESENTATIVE: Federica LAZZARI


XXXI Cycle (Industrial Chemistry)  

PhD StudentTutor (Cotutor) Area                             Project
Massimo BERNAREGGIProf.ssa Antonella GERVASINI
(Prof.ssa Elena SELLI)
Physical ChemistrySynthesis, characterization and testing of composite photocatalytic materials for solar energy conversion and environmental applications.
Sofia CAPELLIDott. Carlo PIROLA (Prof.ssa Laura PRATI)Physical ChemistryNew adipic acid producution process starting from hydrolyzed lignin and cellulose, experimental and modelling study.
Mattia FONTANIProf.ssa Dominique ROBERTOInorganic ChemistryNew coordination complexes with luminescent and second order non-linear properties.
Stefano GAZZOTTIProf.ssa Alessandra SILVANIOrganic ChemistryActive Hybrid Biopolymers for Medical and Food Industry Applications.
Davide GORNATIProf. Pierfausto SENECI (Dott. Leonardo MANZONI)Organic ChemistryRational design and synthesis of anti-misfolding/aggregation agents targeted against neurodegenerative diseases.
Stefano RACIOPPIDott. Pierluigi MERCANDELLIInorganic ChemistryStructural studies and modeling of flexible azolate-based metal-organic framework.



XXX Cycle (Industrial Chemistry)  

PhD StudentTutor   (Cotutor)
 Area                                                      Project
Davide BRENNAProf. Maurizio BENAGLIAOrganic chemistryDevelopment of novel dual catalytic stereoselective processes
Matteo COMPAGNONIProf. Ilenia ROSSETTIPhysical chemistryCatalytic and photocatalytic processes for the production of alternative fuels and chemicals from renewable sources
Marco GALLIDr. Daniela MAGGIONIInorganic chemistryFunctional nanometric probes for teragnostic applications
Eleonora GARONIProf. Dominique ROBERTO
Inorganic chemistry

New organometallic complexes with nonlinear optical and luminescent properties

Benedetta SACCHIProf. Claudia BIANCHI
(Dr. Carlo PIROLA)
Physical chemistryPhotocatalytic activity assessment of bare and doped micro-sized TiO2 used as powders and immobilized in thin coatings to degrade environmental pollutants in aqueous phase
Giorgio TSEBERLIDISProf. Alessandro CASELLIInorganic chemistrySynthesis of metal complexes with nitrogen glycol-macrocyclic ligands and their use in catalysis
Nikolina VIDOVICProf. Giovanna SPERANZAOrganic chemistryPeptide functionalized smart  biomaterials for drug delivery
(Prof. Alberto VERTOVA, Dr. Alessandro MINGUZZI)
Physical chemistryNew approaches for electrocatalysts design with controlled morphology for gas evolution/consumption in the fields of energy storage and environmental protection



XXIX Cycle (Industrial Chemistry)  

PhD StudentTutor   (Cotutor)
 Area                                                      Project
Stefano ANTENUCCIProf. Amedea Manfredi
(Prof.Giuseppe Di Silvestro,Prof. Luisella Verotta
Organic chemistryBiopolymers based active food packaging
Giovanna CAPUANOProf. Elisabetta RanucciOrganic chemistryAmphiphilic biodegradable biocompatible polymers for industrial applications
Alberto COMAZZIDr. Carlo Pirola (Prof. Claudia Bianchi)Physical chemistryBench-scale results and modellization of innovative Fe and Co-based catalysts for the thermochemical BTL-FT process
Giulia MAGNANOProf. Maddalena Pizzotti (Dr. Alessio Orbelli Biroli)Inorganic chemistryNew bulky porphyrinic systems substituted at β-pyrrolic positions as sensitizers in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Sara MONDINIDr. Alessandra Puglisi (Dr. Alessandro Ponti)Organic chemistryDesign, synthesis and caractherization of magnetic bio-inorganic nanosystems with theranostic features
Sara MORANDIProf. Sandra Rondinini
(Prof. Alberto Vertova,Dr. Alessandro Minguzzi)
Physical chemistryStudy of low-cost electrocatalysts for photo-driven water splitting
Cristina PAISSONIProf. Laura Belvisi (Dr. Giovanna Musco)Organic chemistryComputational techniques to investigate at atomistic level the mechanism of molecular binding
Riccardo PORTAProf. Maurizio Benaglia (Dr. Alessandra Puglisi)Organic chemistryStereoselective catalytic reactions under continuous flow conditions
Marco RABUFFETTIProf. Giovanna Speranza(Dr. Gabriella Massolini)Organic chemistryBacterial purine nucleoside phosphorylases (PNPs) as biocatalysts and drug targets
Marta STUCCHIProf. Claudia Bianchi (Dr. Carlo Pirola)Physical chemistryMicrometric TiO2 photocatalysts for the pollution abatement and improvement of their performances



XXVIII Cycle (Industrial Chemistry)  

PhD StudentTutor   (Cotutor)
 Area                                                      Project
Sebastiano CAMPISIProf. Laura Prati
(Dr. Alberto Villa)
Inorganic chemistryNovel approaches towards the optimisation of metal nanoparticle based catalysts
Alberto DAL CORSOProf. Cesare Gennari (Dr. Luca Pignataro)Organic chemistryTargeting tumor over-expressed receptors: Synthesis of new conjugates for the delivery of cytotoxic and imaging agents
Federico GALLIDr. Carlo Pirola
(Prof.ssa Claudia Bianchi)
Physical chemistryReduction of the carbon footprint of fuels and petrochemicals starting from vegetable oils
Raquel GONZALEZ TURRIONProf. Paola Fermo
(Dr. Roberta Vecchi)
Inorganic chemistryAnalysis of solvent extractable organic species in particulate matter
Ivan GRIGIONIProf. Elena Selli
(Dr. Gian Luca Chiarello)
Physical chemistryDevelopment of oxide photocatalytic materials for solar light conversion into hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels
Valeria OLDANIProf. Claudia Bianchi
(Dr. Carlo Pirola)
Physical chemistryDesign of coating systems to mitigate fouling on metal surfaces
Mattia STUCCHIDr. Alessandra Silvani
(Prof. Giordano Lesma)
Organic chemistryBeyond classical Ugi multicomponent reaction: Split-Ugi applications to the synthesis of bioactive peptidomimetics
Enrico VOLPIDr. Stefano Trasatti
(Dr. Pierangela Cristiani)
Physical chemistryMicrobial induced reinforced concrete degradation and innovative protection techniques



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