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EPF 6th Summer School
(AIM XXXIV Convegno - Scuola Mario Farina)  

EPF 6th Summer School


26-31 May 2013
Palazzo Feltrinelli - Gargnano (BS), Italy
organized by AIM, GFP and BPG
In collaboration with University of Milan
Supported by INSTM - Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali

With the first School on “Elastomers” in 2001, the European Polymer Federation (EPF) has undertaken a new task in the educational area, aiming at the creation of a European standard in Polymer Science and Technology teaching.

The EPF Schools will supply an updated tutorial approach to the most recent and fast developing areas on which rationalised and comprehensive overviews are not yet available. Moreover, the educational approach will be available to all students and teachers worldwide, through a series of electronic books in English language edited from the lectures of the School.

By launching this initiative, EPF fulfils once more its mission to make national achievements available europewide.
The 2013 School addresses basic aspects and recent advances in designing and use of polymers for energy at the different steps, i.e. production, storage, and transportation.

Indeed, the world’s sustainable energy future is one of the main concerns for the Society since the beginning of the new millennium. Forecasts about population growth, prices of oil and gas increase, climate change, technology developments, emergence of massive new energy demand in China and India, etc imply active researches and developments in all of the Countries. Polymers are widely used in energy applications both for the various sources of energy, i.e. non-renewable and renewable and for the different steps: production (solar cells, fuel cells,etc), storage (batteries, tanks, etc), transportation (cables, pipes, etc), and distribution (heaters, lighting, etc). In the last decades, a strong attention was given to the design of polymers which could be used in renewable energies such as photovoltaic, wind energy, hydrogen, ...

According to their essential role and the exciting related researches and developments, there is a strong need of having a review of the existing knowledge on polymers which are already (or could be) used for energy applications.

The School will be of particular interest to polymer scientists and engineers dealing with polymer materials production processing, and applications of polymers, academic research, industrial R&D as well as scientists involved in energy sector. The School will also be of interest to marketing and technical assistance sectors as well as to teachers. The residential character of the School in the beautiful environment of Palazzo Feltrinelli on Garda Lake will supply the informal and relaxed atmosphere for a fruitful exchange of ideas among lecturers and attendees all the week long.

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