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A highlight of the B.S. and M.Sc. degree in chemistry are the practical experiments carried out in teaching and research laboratories. Combining rigorous coursework, hands-on training with the latest chemical instrumentations as well as a rich independent research experience, the degree in chemistry prepares our B.S. and M.Sc. students to pursue professional careers in the field of chemical and molecular sciences, or to continue their studies towards advanced degrees, usually the Ph.D., in chemistry or a related field in the molecular sciences.
For these reasons, in all degree courses, chemical laboratories are planned to enable the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge in the various disciplines.


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      Bachelor Degree in Chemistry
            First Year (Info)
            Second Year (Info)
            Third Year (Info)

      Bachelor Degree in Industrial Chemistry 
            First Year (Info)
            Second Year (Info)
            Third Year (Info)

      Master Degree in Chemical Sciences
            First Year (Info)

      Master Degree in Industrial Chemistry 
            First Year (Info)


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