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The Chemistry Department was born on April 27th 2012 as a result of the merging of the former four departments of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Inorganic Metallorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic and Industrial Chemistry, Structural Chemistry.

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6th International School of Process Chemistry

The School is held from May 28th to may 31th at Palazzo Feltrinelli on Lake Garda, and is organized by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan and sponsored by the Organic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. ISPROCHEM aims to provide basic training to the next generation of chemists who are interested in starting a career as process chemists in the pharmaceutical industry.


«Innovazione nella Sintesi Organica» Award

The Board of CINMPIS Consortium awarded Dr. Sergio Rossi, from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan, the International Prize "Innovation in Organic Synthesis" for the year 2022

Safety First

Talk: Career opportunities for Chemists in the Oil and Gas Industry

On Wednesday the 8th of February 2023 (Room G09, 10:00), Dr. Placido Franco will hold a seminar on Geolog, the Oil & Gas company for which he works. The meeting, open to everyone, will be very interesting for students wishing to learn more about job opportunities in this field.


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