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5th International School of Process Chemistry

ISPROCHEM’ ADVANCED SCHOOL deals with topics of emerging interest and specialized technologies, and is aimed mostly at experienced industrial scientists. It can be of benefit also to academic participants and less experienced industrial chemists who are interested in learning how new technologies and ideas are being applied in an industrial setting.

The main aim of the school is to provide basic training to the next generation of chemists who are interested in starting a career as process chemists in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Additionally, through its ADVANCED SCHOOL, ISPROCHEM will serve as a forum for training and discussion among more experienced professionals on topics of growing interest.


The 2022 edition will include a historical perspective on Natural Products as active pharmaceutical ingredients and several lectures aimed at highlighting themes of emerging interest and specialized technologies. The program will cover several topics, including electrochemical organic synthesis, industrial catalysis and PCA (principal component analysis), spontaneous resolutions, biocatalysis and catalysis in flow, particle engineering, deep eutectic solvents, grenness indicators and metrics, new trends in the development of natural products-based APIs, continuous manufacturing, in silico genotoxic analysis.

Case studies on scale up issues in process chemistry will also be presented as well as a special workshop on risk analysis.

In addition to being an important node of cultural reference and scientific information for all organic chemists, ISPROCHEM offers a great opportunity to establish new and profitable scientific and interpersonal relationships between researchers of the industrial and academic communities.


More details at http://www.isprochem.unimi.it   E-mail: secretariat.isprochem@unimi.it

20 January 2022
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