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A 2 millions euro grant from ERC to Michele CEOTTO

European Research Council

Our Theoretical Chemistry faculty member Michele CEOTTO has won an ERC Consolidator Grant 2014 for two millions euro to develop his project SEMICOMPLEX.

The goal of SEMICOMPLEX is to create new semiclassical molecular dynamics methods that can tackle spectroscopic calculations of complex systems. Semiclassical molecular dynamics allows for the inclusion of quantum mechanic effects within classical molecular dynamics simulations. The new SEMICOMPLEX theories will allow for calculating the spectroscopy features of systems with many degrees of freedom and taking into account of tunneling and quantum delocalization by using just classical trajectories.

ERC is supporting only the top researchers from anywhere in the world to perform research in Europe. Only the highest quality research in Europe is granted by ERC through a very competitive funding scheme. Supported investigators conduct frontier researchers across all field and they are chosen on the basis of scientific excellence.

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25 March 2015
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