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MIPOL2022 congress: two young scientists from our department

Sofia e Rony

Two young scientists from the University of Milan received prizes

for the best poster communications reserved for young scientists at the:

Milan Polymer Days - MIPOL2022 international congress,

which took place in the Auditorium of our University on 19-21 June 2022.

The prizes were awarded for the following presentations:

  • “β-Cyclodextrin α,ω-end-functionalized oligomeric polyamidoamines as water soluble curcumin carriers”, by Sofia Treccani, who recently earned a master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry; 
  • "Use of calcium chloride to enhance the efficacy of polyamidoamines as flame-retardants for cotton", by Rony Aad, graduating in the same discipline.

The competition was created with the aim of encouraging young researchers who carry out their activity in the field of polymer science and saw the participation of 30 young researchers out of a total of 37 posters presented.

The evaluation commission, made up of 7 international experts in the sector, chose the five winners after evaluating the posters and interviewing the candidates, who were also invited to make a short oral presentation in front of all the participants in the congress. The judgment was issued on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

1) methodological rigor and originality of the research;

2) clarity of presentation;

3) knowledge of the subject demonstrated in the discussion with the jury.

The winners of the competition will receive a cash prize to be used for participation in congresses or enrollment in congress specialization schools..

Our best wishes and congratulations to Rony and Sofia.



08 July 2022
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