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Quality Assurance (QA) concerns the design, implementation, monitoring and control of the activities carried out and represents the set of actions necessary to develop in the interlocutors adequate confidence that processes and activities are overall effective and transparent with respect to the established objectives.

The approach adopted by the Department, to supplement and complement that of the University, is characterized by a gradual introduction of "quality" management principles, namely transparency, self-assessment, reporting of results in terms of indicators and documentary evidence.

The cycle of continuous improvement of the management system for Quality Assurance consists of four interrelated processes: planning, management, self-assessment, improvement and takes place in three areas: Teaching and Research & Third Mission.

QA of Research & Third Mission
      Prof. Davide PROSERPIO e.mail aq.chimica@unimi.it

Delegate of the Department for the Third Mission: Prof. Luigi LAY

QA of Teaching
     Bachelor in CHEMISTRY: Prof.ssa Alessandra Puglisi
     Bachelor in INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY: Prof. ssa Dominique M. ROBERTO
     Master's degree in INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY: Prof.ssa Claudia BIANCHI
     Master's degree in CHEMICAL SCIENCES: Prof. Fabio RAGAINI 

Students-Teachers Joint Commission : Prof. Giovanna SPERANZA (president)






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