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The collegial and ordinary management of the teaching and training activities of the degree courses is delegated to an Academic Board, which is composed of all the professors and researchers who provide teaching activities for the degree courses of the Department of Chemistry, regardless of the Department to which they belong. , and by the student representatives present on the Council of the same Department in relation to the relevant study course.

For some time, the Board has a Teaching Commission, responsible for analyzing the Degree Programs coordinated by the Board itself, for monitoring the learning activities carried out, for discussing any corrective actions and for the development of teaching strategies to be implemented for the future. The Teaching Commission meets to discuss in advance the issues that will then be brought to the Academic Board.

More recently, in accordance with the model outlined for the implementation of the University's Quality Management System, the AQ Management Group for the degree program was set up. The Group operates under the responsibility of a President, QA referent for the course of study, and is responsible for guiding the internal Quality System and supervising the implementation, in the various stages of the course, by the subjects who are responsible for it, of the quality policy defined by the governing bodies of the University through the adoption of the procedural methods determined for this purpose by the Teaching Quality Presidium.

The Department of Chemistry is the principal or associate referent for the following Bachelor’s degree (class L-XX) and Master's degree (class LM-YY) courses, as detailed in the following table.

F5XDegree in Chemistry (Class L-27)
F4XDegree Course in Applied and Environmental Chemistry (Class L-27)
F6XDegree Course in Industrial Chemistry (Class L-27)
F6YDegree Course in Industrial and Management Chemistry (Class LM-71)
F7YDegree in Industrial Chemistry (Class LM-71)
F5YDegree Course in Chemical Sciences (Class LM-54)


                                            F5X CHEMISTRY QA MANAGEMENT GROUP

        Prof. Alessandra Puglisi (QA referent)
        Prof. Silvia BRUNI
        Dr.ssa Francesca TESSORE 
                email: chimica.referenteaq@unimi.it


                                 F6X INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY QA MANAGEMENT GROUP

        Prof. Dominique ROBERTO (QA referent)
        Prof. Carlo PIROLA
        Prof. Alessandra SILVANI
                email: chimicaindustriale.referenteaq@unimi.it


                                   F5Y CHEMICAL SCIENCES QA MANAGEMENT GROUP

        Prof. Fabio RAGAINI (AQ referent)
        Prof. Leonardo LO PRESTI
        Prof. Patrizia MUSSINI
                email: scienzechimiche.referenteaq@unimi.it



        Prof. Claudia BIANCHI (AQ referent)
        Prof. Domenico ALBANESE
        Prof. Laura PRATI
                email: industrialchemistry.referenteaq@unimi.it


                                             QA OF ASSOCIATED STUDY COURSES

Prof. Carla PEREGO (Biotechnology K06)

Prof. Isabella DELLE DONNE (Biological Sciences F62)

Prof. Marco MERLINI (Sciences and Technologies for Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Information Supports F8X)

Prof. Marco MERLINI (Conservation Sciences and the Diagnostics of Cultural Heritage F8Y)

Prof. Paolo PESARESI (Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics F1B)





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