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The Student-Teacher Joint Commission (CPDS) (for the four degree courses: LT Chemistry, LT Industrial Chemistry, LM Chemical Sciences, LM Industrial Chemistry), constituted by an equal number of teachers and students, is a permanent observatory of teaching activities that monitors the educational offer and the quality of teaching and support services, collecting and discussing reports and the proposals of students and teachers.

The Commission draws up an Annual Report for each course of study analyzing the training offer as a whole, reporting critical issues, good practices and suggestions for improvement. Particular attention in the drafting of the report is reserved for the opinions of all students, acquired through the questionnaires distributed at the end of the lessons. In this context, the contribution of the student representatives in the commission, users of teaching and related services, is particularly important.

The reports of the CPDS are sent to the management bodies of the course, which must adopt corrective or improvement actions, and are also submitted to the Evaluation Unit, the Academic Senate and the Quality Presidium.

In the case CPDS are established for several study courses, each course must be represented by at least one teacher and one student. The student component is identified in the first place among and by the student representatives present on the Department Council or in the interdepartmental college. If there are no elected representatives for each course, the Commission is required to identify the students by means of a specific announcement issued by the President of the CPDS.

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