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The Internationalization Commission aims to promote the free circulation of students, teachers and staff both in European and extra-EU countries to study, teach, do research and work. The internationalization strategies and actions (see tasks) are presented to bachelor, master and PhD students every year, in December. The committee members will direct the interested students towards the most suited programs and models according to their specific requirements. In addition, administrative aspects of the international mobility are managed by interfacing with the Italian and International administration offices.

  Emma GALLO  




  • Erasmus + for Learning (Gallo, Manfredi, Longhi)
  • Erasmus + for Traineeship (Gallo)
  • Erasmus + Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training (Manfredi, Longhi)
  • Erasmus + Jean Monnet (Manfredi, Longhi)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) (Manfredi, Longhi)
  • 4EU+ (Belvisi, Maggioni, Pirola)
  • Extra-EU mobility Erasmus + opportunities and agreements - (KA107) (Pieraccini, Arnaboldi)
  • International extra- Erasmus EU programs (Pieraccini, Arnaboldi)
  • Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) (Pieraccini, Arnaboldi)
  • Double Degree (Belvisi, Pieraccini)
  • Stage e Internship (incoming and outcoming) – COSP (Gallo)
  • LERU, STudent REseArch Mobility program (STREAM) (Maggioni)
  • UNIMI "Thesis abroad" call (Maggioni)
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