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The Chemistry Department, one of the largest of the University of Milano, was born on April 27th 2012 as a result of the merging of the former four departments of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Inorganic Metallorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic and Industrial Chemistry, Structural Chemistry.

Research within the Department covers a wide array of activities in the fields of environmental protection, green chemistry, energy, catalysis, photochemistry, theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, synthesis and characterization of new materials, structural chemistry, natural substances, drugs, intermediates and cultural heritage.

The Department is a reference for bachelor and master courses of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry and active in teaching in other courses where basics of Chemistry are fundamental. The Department always welcomes enquiries from industry, from private and public research institutions, about collaborations to tackle particular problems or research areas, whether these are suited to a short consultancy study, a small experimental programme or to a longer term study requiring a major research effort.



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